Cycle To Work

Your chance to ride a tax-free bike...

Now supplying bikes for the NHS

We are now supplying bikes - with no admin fee - for the NHS under the Bikes For The NHS scheme. Please click here, or on the logo above for more details.

Cycle To Work - A great way to save!

Government legislation allows you and your employer, in partnership with The Bike Shed, substantial savings on the cost of bikes and cycling gear. It enables employers to offer bikes and cycling equipment to their staff at greatly reduced prices. They can save anything up to 45% off the recommended retail price. Cycle to Work is a scheme made possible by the Government's 'Green Transport Plan'.

Cycle To Work - The Green Transport Plan

Cycle to Work takes advantage of a generous tax allowance made available in the Government's Green Transport Plan. This plan has been set up specifically to promote the use of bikes as an alternative mode of transport. Substantial investment is being made to develop and improve local cycle routes in order to make cycling safer and more enjoyable. The aim of Cycle to Work is to get more people riding to work on a regular basis. This will, in turn, ease traffic congestion, reduce pollution to the environment and also encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Cycle To Work - How does it operate?

Cycle to Work allows employers to loan bikes and cycle equipment to their staff as part of their employee benefits package. It makes it possible for employees to benefit from a generous tax allowance if they opt for the bike instead of the car. To take advantage of a Cycle to Work scheme, employees agree to a small 'salary sacrifice' over an agreed period (normally 18 months) which is made from their gross salary and crucially not their take home pay.

To find out more about Cycle to Work contact The Bike Shed on 029 2066 8772