Bianchi Electric Bikes

Bianchi Electric Bikes at The Bike Shed

E- Road, E- All Road...Bianchi Deliver.

Bianchi E-Road Aria: the ultimate e-road bike. Engineered with Bianchi’s Inner Power Drive System, is the perfect solution to the demands of genuine road riders the world over. The Bianchi Aria e-bike has the look and feel of traditional high performance, race bred road riding, with powerful electrical assistance – when you need it.

Bianchi Impulso E-Allroad & Bianchi Impulso E-Road: light and powerful, with set ups for every need and type of terrain, the Bianchi E-Road and the E-Allroad allow you to dream big. Engineered and designed in Italy the Bianchi E-Road System is one of the least bulky in its category. Every inch the traditional road bike.